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Redist Airbrush legs 125 ml
Redist BB cream 50 ml
Redist 12in1 hair care ixir
Redist Acetone 1000 ml
Redist Airbrush Legs Spray
Redist Argan Oil 100 ml
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The most important reasons for preferring the products by the leading innovative hair dressers in Turkey are; creativeness, common works and innovations.. Redist Professional that has been developed as a result of long term laboratory activities held in country and abroad has been prepared by special contents in accordance with the hair and skin types of women. The women have different kind of hair and skin types. For this reason, important activities have been performed in the Redist Laboratories regarding the sensitive contents to make the women happy. Redist Beauty & Care Serial develops high performance products by means of contents inspired from the nature. Redist Beauty&Care personnel use serial products have been only sold in the hair dresser salon for the women who believe that the beauty is the job for expert through hair dresser salon. We have been working very much to become one of the leading trademarks that define the world trends in the hair fashion in 2015. Nowadays, we have been working in cooperation with the hair dresser chain in Europe, Gulf countries and important parts of the Balkan Countries. Thanks to the experience of Kırmızıgül more than 20 years, by combining advanced technology and qualified human power; it has been produced in the world standards by the certificates of GMP, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007.



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